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By Cameron Vazegoo

Modern Day Business

Conscience is the inner perception of objections to definite wish impulses that exist in us; but the emphasis is put upon the fact that this rejection does not have to depend on anything else, that it is sure of itself.

Modern Day Business

Have you noticed gone are the good old days where doing everything yourself was an option.

Everyday has now several moving components and simply put not enough time in the day to manage once  work loads. From managing staff to actually delivering on what you have promised sometimes critical items get neglected or best efforts are not given.

A. recent conversation with one of our clients we realised that although. they spent a. tremendous amount f money on corporate entertainment they didn’t put the icing on the cake.

“what do you mean by that” the M.D Asked.

Simply put a simple saying from the world of football, you can watch the best game of football however if your journey to and. from the game is poor, your memories will be always about the travel hence corporate hospitality teams always look at journeys from start to finish.

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Here is a simple of example, say you book a box for ten guest at Liverpool football club for a champions league game. Approximate cost is about £30,000 and now you say to all your guest make your own way to the stadium. If. only one person attend late it will spoil the experience for everyone. Since you spent £30000 you. may well spend a few thousand more and arrange a hotel, transportation from the hotel to the ground and back.

How does this help and why should I?

You entertaining these clients for a specific reason to spend time with them and show them they are valued. How better than spending quality time with them and ensuring they have the greatest experience.

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